Health News

Bee Gees Singer Robin Gibb Loses Cancer Battle
Robin Gibb , singer with the rock group the Bee Gees, has died after battling colon cancer, which had spread to his liver.
Godfather of Go-Go Gone
The creator of a style of music called "go-go" - Chuck Brown - has died of complications from pneumonia. He was 75.
FDA Widens FilmArray Respiratory Panel Use
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today expanded the use for the FilmArray Respiratory Panel, the first test that can simultaneously detect both viral and bacterial causes of respiratory infection from a single sample.
Big City Hospitals Act as 'Hub' for Superbugs
How do you trace the path of a superbug ? Researchers are on the trail of MRSA, a drug-resistant bacterial infection that breeds and spreads through hospitals.
Common Cold Remedy May Not be Best
Zinc is commonly sold as a remedy for the common cold, but whether its effective is controversial. A recent review of research shed some light on this debated treatment.
Texting While Vaccinating is Approved
Making sure that your child is protected from seasonal flu is important. Text message reminders may give parents that extra push to get their child vaccinated.
Wash Your Hands! Cover Your Mouth!
Want a cheap and easy way to reduce the likelihood that you or your children might catch - or pass on - at least one strain of the flu? Cover your mouth and use hand sanitizer.
Better Flu Vaccine on the Way
Each year's flu vaccine is a different gamble: a combination of the three influenza strains that scientists believe are most likely to circulate that year. But the odds could improve.
Jabbing Pregnant Women
When the H1N1 influenza blew through in the flu season of 2009-2010, some worried about an additional flu vaccine to get. Pregnant mothers who got jabbed may have helped their babies.
Air Pollution Increasing Hospitalization Risk
A long-term study of older adults has revealed that extended exposure to fine particle air pollution may result in an increased risk of hospitalization for heart and lung disease or diabetes.