Health News

Flu Vaccinations Under Your Tongue
It's that time of the year, flu shots are here. For those scared of needles, future flu vaccination may be as easy as placing it under your tongue.
Your Lungs Keep Growing Well After Childhood
As we get older, many parts of our body continue to grow and develop. Scientists thought the lungs were fully developed early in childhood but it turns out the lungs continue to grow into adulthood.
WTC Rescue Personnel Have Poor Lung Function
Many rescue personnel risked their lives during the World Trade Center (WTC) recovery process. Because of all the dust, dirt and debris in the air, many have experienced lung problems. New research has shown that it may be possible to predict lung problems in WTC personnel.
Acne Medicine and Your Throat
From over-the-counter creams to oral antibiotics, there are numerous ways to treat acne. While there are many readily available treatments, one treatment may lead to an increase in sore throats.
Simple Solution to Reducing Pneumonia Worldwide
Cooking over a wood fire is a common practice around the world. A new study shows that by reducing wood smoke inhalation, severe pneumonia was reduced in children.
Smoke-Inhalation a Major Concern for Burn Patients
Burn patients have more to worry about than just what's on the outside. A new study shows the impact of smoke inhalation on burn patients.
Don't Catch a Cold After Heart Surgery
Prior to heart surgery, many patients are concerned that there could be complications such as infection from the deep incision. Pneumonia is actually the most common serious infection after a cardiac operation.
Staying Vigilant Against Flu Outbreaks
The emergence of deadly flu strains like avian flu and H1N1 can quickly become worldwide epidemics. That's why researchers try to find dangerous strains before they can spread.
Flu Shots While Pregnant are Safe
If you’re pregnant, getting a flu shot is a good idea. Not only can it help you ward off the seasonal flu, it also will help protect your baby from infection - and it won’t cause miscarriage, say studies that will be released this week.
Ozone and your lungs
Before you step outside on a sunny day for a run, think about taking precautions for your health. Sure, you stretched, but did you check the day's ozone level?