Health News

Cough and Cold Antibiotics
When your child has a cough, getting an antibiotic from a doctor may seem like a good idea. But a cough suppressant may be a better choice.
Even for Healthy Kids, Flu Can Be Deadly
So you think your kid is as healthy as a horse, and getting a flu shot is an unnecessary precaution? Think again: Even children with no other health conditions can lose a battle with flu.
Is This Flu, or Just a Cold?
Cold and flu season is approaching with the advent of colder weather and the winter months. How do you tell the difference between the two illnesses?
West Nile Outbreak is Not Over Yet
We're not out of the mosquito-infested woods yet. Cases of West Nile are still being reported, keeping 2012 on track to be the second-worst year for the illness in America.
Create a "Vaccine Cocoon" for Babies
The cases of whooping cough in the U.S. this year are the highest they have been since 1959. And the best way to protect the ones you love is to get the vaccine.
Why Do College Kids Avoid Flu Shots?
College students were at high risk for infection during the H1N1 “swine flu” outbreak in 2009. So why did so many avoid the free flu shots offered by their campus' health clinics?
Protect Your Unborn Baby From The Flu
There are so many things to remember to do and not do when you become pregnant. High up on your to-do list should be making sure you're vaccinated against the flu.
Get Your Measles Booster With The Milk
Getting your flu shot — and nine other common vaccines — just became a bit more convenient. No need to hassle with a doctor appointment. Just drop by Walmart.
Watch Your Strep With a Sore Throat
About 15 million people in the US see a doctor annually for a sore throat. Many are misdiagnosed with strep, and up to 70 percent are given antibiotics that will not fight a virus.
Time to Vaccinate Your Child Against Flu
September is the time to get your family ready for this year's flu season. When should children start getting vaccinated against flu?