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Egg Allergies? Fear Not the Flu Shot
Everyone is urged to get a flu shot, but what should you do if an allergy might interact with the vaccine? Risk the flu or risk the allergic reaction?  For many patients, these concerns have now been addressed.
Refusing Vaccines Contributes to Outbreaks
More than 9,000 people contracted whooping cough in California in 2010. It was the worst outbreak of the disease, also called pertussis, since 1947 in that state.
Which Pregnant Moms Are Getting the Flu Shot?
As flu season approaches, the time to protect yourself with the flu vaccine is here. For women who are pregnant, it is especially important to get protection from influenza.
Did Your Doc Get a Flu Shot?
Doctors often tell their patients to get the flu shot. But how many healthcare professionals are taking that step themselves?
Getting Babies Home Sooner After Lung Infections
The sooner a baby can recover from a lung infection, the better the child will likely be in the long-term. This may be especially true if the child is at risk for asthma.
Playing Kids' Odds with the Flu
Even though the flu is a common illness each winter, that doesn't mean it's not a dangerous one. Children with certain chronic conditions are especially prone to complications from influenza.
2013 Brings Uptick In Measles
Measles is rare in the US but not completely gone, as recent exposures in Texas and Boston have demonstrated. So just how many cases has the US seen this year and where are they coming from?
Saliva Sneaks Through Efforts to Block Cough
It is generally regarded as common courtesy to cover one's mouth when coughing or sneezing. The reasoning tends to be that covering one's mouth helps prevent germs from spreading. But a recent study has undermined this commonly held belief.
Too Few Shots for Pertussis Protection
Cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, have been increasing in recent years in the US. The CDC recommends the pertussis vaccine to protect children and adults from the disease.
An Infection-Cognition Connection
Many older adults deal with chronic health conditions as they age.  And according to a new study, these chronic conditions often seem to be preceded by a single infection in elderly patients.