Health News

Flu More Dangerous for Some
The flu is a very common illness that affects all different types of people. But it may be more dangerous for some.
The Most Serious Flu Consequences
It's flu season again, and there are ways to protect your children against the flu. A recent study revealed how serious the flu can be.
Flu Vaccine Rates Lower Than Desired
For years, health officials have been aiming to increase rates of flu vaccination across the US each flu season. While new data shows that more and more people seem to be getting vaccinated, the rates of the increases are slower than desired.
Flu Season Off to a Slow Start
The fall brings cooler weather, autumn colors and, unfortunately, thoughts of flu season. So far this year, the flu season seems to be off to a slow start.
Drug Resistance Causes TB Worries
Tuberculosis might not be a huge concern in the US these days, but a new report on the state of tuberculosis around the globe showed that international progress still needs to be made.
A Flu Shot for the Heart
The main purpose of the flu vaccine is to protect against influenza. But it may offer other benefits as well.
Vaccinated Teens May Protect Babies
A baby who catches whooping cough often requires hospitalization. Only babies over 2 months old can receive the vaccine for this illness. But  if many others in the community are vaccinated against the disease, that may help protect these young babies from it.
Preventing Wheezing in Little Ones
Babies born earlier than their due dates can often be at higher risk for certain diseases. With a usually weaker immune system, they may benefit from protective measures.
Statins for Pneumonia Not a Sure Sell
Medications originally created to lower cholesterol have been considered for use in treating a variety of other conditions. However, the authors of a new study say that a certain type of pneumonia may not be one such condition.
Living High, Living Dangerously with Anemia
The higher you are in the world, the thinner the air is. Higher altitudes mean it's more difficult to breathe and gain the oxygen your body needs.