Health News

Preemptive Strike Against Polio in Israel
Polio is a virus that the world has largely beaten. However, lingering pockets of the disease still pose a serious threat.
Looking for Answers for Kids’ Chronic Pain
Children with particular long-term diseases may experience chronic pain. Yet children can also experience chronic pain even if the cause is less clear.
Kids' Headaches Don't Need More Radiation
Often, getting more tests and treatment for an illness is not better. In fact, it might actually lead to other problems. That's part of the reason CT scans aren't recommended for kids' headaches.
Looking Out for Teens' Headaches
Many people may think adults are the most likely to experience migraines. However, young teens can have migraines and get chronic daily headaches as well.
Vaccine Fears Shouldn’t Fray Your Nerves
Even though vaccines prevent disease, some people worry about the risks of the vaccines themselves. Fortunately, one risk people may be concerned about has been discounted.
What Do Colic and Migraines Share?
It's normal for a baby to cry. But when that crying lasts for weeks on end, the baby may have a condition known as colic. While the cause of colic remains unknown, it may be related to migraines.
Two Good Reasons to Get a Shingles Jab
Seeing the doctor to get a routine vaccine doesn't stop when you outgrow childhood. In fact, seniors over age 65 are encouraged to get the shingles vaccine – and for good reason.
When a Seizure Lasts a Long Time
Most children's seizures do not last very long, but some can last over 30 minutes. These are more likely in a child's first three years of life if the child is prone to seizures.
Kids' Tummy Fat Makes for Weaker Bones
Being "big boned" as a kid is one thing. But having big bones doesn't mean the bones are strong and dense.
Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Stop Teen From Excelling in Sports
If you ask most people if having a partial paralysis would hinder you from pursuing sports, the answer might be yes.  But they might think twice if they met 16-year-old Joe Cancilla of Walled Lake, MI.