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Pancreatic Cancer Overuns Ben Gazarra
Stage, screen and television actor Ben Gazarra , has died of pancreatic cancer, an illness he had been battling for some time. He was 81. Gazarra is best known for his big screen roles in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," "Anatomy of a Murder" and "The Big Lebowski ." He also appeared in the television series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and was the lead in the 1960s series “Run for Your Life.” Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest of all malignancies. It often starts silently, giving no warning of its menacing ways. The pancreas is both an organ and a gland. Its ...
Cancer Loves Red Meat
Hot dogs slathered with chili. Brats and beer. Eggs and bacon. A hamburger and fries. These are all delicacies of the American cuisine. These meats are also about as unhealthy as anything you can eat for a number of reasons, including a new one.
Cancer's "Cellular Orchestra Conductor"
Changes in cell biology are at the heart of cancer. Specifically, when our genes go off key, the cacophony of cancer blares. Scientists are now learning how these genes are reprogrammed.
Pancreatic Cancer: a Family Matter?
Any research advancement in understanding more about the difficult-to-treat cancer of the pancreas is good news. Researchers are uncovering some interesting facets of this disease, a discovery that could lead to new screening methods.
Extending Life of People with Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic cancer is one of the toughest forms of cancer to treat and beat. Progress is being made, though, in slowing the most serious form of the disease.
Telling Toenails
You'd think that your levels of trace elements would be assessed with a blood sample. Or maybe a hair sample. No, the best way to measure your levels of trace elements is through your toenails. Recently, scientists have found some fascinating information from examining toenails.
Diagnosing Cancer Online
You're sitting with your family practitioner describing some pain and other symptoms you've been having. S/he goes to the computer and tells you it's time for tests. This online program - now available in Europe - could save your life.
Super Cancer Vaccine on the Horizon?
The possibilities for treating a number of cancers - including difficult to treat ones - have just taken a gargantuan leap. An experimental vaccine is showing hugely promising results in animal studies.
Canning Pancreatic Cancer
The diagnosis of pancreatic cancer isn't a good one. It's really tough to conquer. That once Herculean feat may become easier thanks to recent animal research.
Blood Clots a Common Risk for Some Cancer Patients
As if cancer treatment isn't rigorous enough, patients are often at risk of additional medical problems for months afterwards. New research has uncovered that some cancer patients face an increased risk of developing blood clots.