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Blocking the Pathway to Pancreatic Cancer
Bet you didn't know that heart disease and pancreatic cancer have something in common. Indeed they do - they share a link with genetic pathways that control both cholesterol and a system by which cells communicate - the Hedgehog pathway.
Living Longer With Diabetes and Cancer
About 80 percent of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer also have diabetes. While it's known that the two diseases are linked, the exact nature of this association remains unclear.
New Surgical Method for Inoperable Pancreatic Cancer?
In some cases, surgeons will not operate on patients with pancreatic cancer that has spread significantly in the local area, due to the many risks. A new surgical technique that uses many small pulses of electricity may change that.
Pancreatic Cancer: A Genetic Maze
More and more is coming to light about pancreatic cancer. And the more scientists know, the greater the chances of detecting it early on and finding ways to treat this serious disease.
Literal Breakthrough for Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic cancer isn't a pretty one. Realistically, it's tough to detect because symptoms are so subtle; it's tough to treat and it's tough to beat. Now there's light on the horizon, with what could be a true treatment breakthrough.
Molecular Feedback Found in Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is the worst, and unfortunately, the most common form of pancreatic cancer. Researchers are getting a grip on what makes this cancer so aggressive.
Molecular Way to Control Pancreatic Cancer
Cancer can be thought of as a series of tiny molecular mistakes adding up until the situation is out of control. New research has detailed the specifics of the process occurring in pancreatic cancer.
Dual Therapies for Treating Pancreatic Cancer
Currently, there's only one chemotherapy agent being used to treat pancreatic cancer. Gemzar (gemcitabine) works for some patients, but not others.
New Blood Test Detects Pancreatic Cancer Earlier
Pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat because it is generally not discovered until it has already metastasized. A new test may help detect pancreatic cancer in the early stages.
Enlightened Prostate & Pancreatic Cancer Possiblities
Laser light has a number of medical applications. In the oncology world, it's mainly used in combination with drugs to treat skin cancer. The horizon is opening up, though, for this technology.