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Teen Whiz Develops Pancreatic Cancer Test
The boy genius who can't even drive yet may have developed a test that could save thousands of lives every year. The winner of the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair has found a way to diagnose pancreatic cancer.
Shedding New Light on Pancreatic Cancer
One of the reasons pancreatic cancer is among the more difficult cancers to treat is because the organ is difficult to reach. It's nestled inside the intestines and by the time a biopsy is performed, the cancer is usually advanced.
Googling for Cancer Biomarkers
The Google algorithm for searching and prioritizing pages on the Internet is constantly changing. Researchers have developed their own version of this coveted equation and put it to work to find new cancer answers.
PEAK1 Enzyme Sees Into Pancreatic Cancer
No signs or symptoms. No screening tests. No effective treatment. These are the qualities of pancreatic cancer that make it so devilish. The discovery of an early biomarker  may change the whole outlook for cancer of the pancreas.
Without Kras, Pancreatic Cancer Crashes
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most mysterious of all malignancies. The scientific knowledge base of this malignancy has just expanded by volumes thanks to new understanding about a mutant gene that's in the driver's seat.
Electrical Weapons Fight Cancer
Experimental laboratory research uses space-age materials developed by NASA to improve the latest field in cancer treatment, creating electrical fields to kill tumor cells. Irreversible electroporation , also known as nano-knife surgery, is the newest surgical method for advanced cancers where surgery cannot be performed, including kidney, liver and pancreatic cancers. While the field is only a few years old, scientists have already doubled the effectiveness of the technique. The irreversible electroporation technology uses electricity to create tiny holes in cells, causing them to ...
Unshattering Pancreatic Cancer Lessons
When cancer begins in the pancreas, the outlook can be shattering. That's why new ways of going after this malignancy are so urgently needed. Scientists have found an evasive gene that could lead to new therapies.
Softer Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer
Increasingly, surgeons are using specialized tools to perform operations. Laparoscopic surgery - sometimes called "minimally invasive surgery" - uses tiny tubes and cameras that help the surgeon have better visibility of and access to certain areas.
How to Screen for Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic cancer is difficult to detect, and by the time someone has symptoms that send them to the doctor, the cancer may have advanced to the point where it is difficult to treat.
Boosting Pancreatic Cancer Chemotherapy
In the latest re-evaluation of pancreatic cancer chemotherapy, recent research concluded that using the standard drugs alongside some less well known supplements as a booster improved treatment results.