Health News

Guarding the Health of Kidney Donors
Kidney transplants have added years to the lives of many who've received that vital, donated organ. For donors who are alive, giving a kidney generally poses no major, immediate risks.
Snoring May Sound Alarm for Kidney Failure
Loud, ongoing snoring may not only be annoying; it also could be a sign of sleep apnea. In diabetes patients, the condition may lead to many health problems, including complete kidney failure.
Kidney Problems after Childhood Cancer
Children diagnosed with cancer are living longer than ever, thanks to powerfully effective treatments. Some of these treatments, though, can cause health problems later in life.
Kidney Problems for the Elderly
Kidney function tends to decline as you get older, and for some individuals, this eventually could lead to kidney disease or even kidney failure. Because of this, it's very important for the elderly to keep track of kidney function.
Less Salt for a Healthier Heart
Most Americans eat more salt than government dietary guidelines recommend. Research suggests it may be unwise to eat so much salt, as it might be harmful to your health.
Exercise to Help Your Kidneys
There are many benefits to exercise, but sometimes people may not get the exercise they need due to a chronic disease. For this reason, these people may need some guidance to better reap the benefits of exercise.
Urine May Give Sign of Mental Decline
Urine can tell us a lot about the health of a person. Doctors once tasted it for sweetness as a way to detect diabetes, and today, physicians use it to help diagnose a range of serious health problems.
The Signature of Toxic Herbs
Chinese herbal medicines have been used for centuries to treat everything from asthma and allergies to yellow fever. Recently, an ingredient widely used in these treatments has been shown to be dangerous.
Too Much Calcium for Kidney Patients
For patients with chronic kidney disease, taking the right supplements is essential for their health. A recent study found that choosing one supplement over another may even reduce their death risk.
Heart Disease Is Where the Stone Is
Kidney stones are troublesome enough. But could they be associated with more serious conditions?