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Back to the Hospital Soon After Kidney Transplant
It is common for patients to be readmitted to the hospital soon after getting a kidney transplant. But it's still unclear what causes these rehospitalizations and if they can be avoided.
Organs From High Risk Patients May Be Okay for Donation
People at risk for certain infectious diseases are usually disqualified from being blood donors. However, new research suggests that they may still be safe organ donors.
Better Kidney Health While You Sleep
For patients with end-stage kidney disease, heart problems are common. Overnight dialysis in the home to rid the blood of toxins may help lower heart disease risk in these patients.
Psoriasis Tied to Kidney Problems
The skin condition psoriasis has been linked to other chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Now, psoriasis could be tied to major damage to the kidneys.
No Kidney Stones from Vitamin D, Says Study
Vitamin D supplements are often suggested to help prevent a variety of conditions. But there have been concerns that too much vitamin D might be harmful. 
Kidney Patients Staying Heart Healthy
People who have kidney disease should take care of another crucial organ: the heart. A recent review looked at the effects of lowering blood pressure on heart health for people who suffer from kidney disease.
Boosting Mood During Kidney Dialysis
Physical illness can be a mental and emotional downer. Patients with kidney failure who are regularly hooked up to dialysis certainly aren't immune to sadness. Fortunately, there may be ways to lift their spirits and their physical health.
Lineage, Location and Kidney Transplants
Kidneys that are working well help the body get rid of toxins and stay properly hydrated. When the kidneys stop working properly, one possible fix may be to get a new kidney.
Honey Treatment for Infections Isn't So Sweet
Although medical-grade honey has previously shown promising antibiotic properties, it may not live up to the hype for certain infections.
Diabetes-Related Diseases Linked to Stroke
For patients with type 1 diabetes, keeping a close eye on blood sugar levels and managing their disease is a part of everyday life. A recent study may give these patients another reason to stay on top of their medical care.