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12 American Presidents with Chronic Illnesses
Acidic Foods' Impact on Kidney Disease
Certain foods naturally contain more acid than others. There's been much debate about how those acids affect some bodily functions, such as the kidneys' job of getting rid of toxins and helping balance chemicals the body makes naturally.
Preeclampsia May Be Linked to Kidney Failure
Pregnancy can be an exciting time for many women, but it also comes with some risks, including high blood pressure. And according to a recent study, high blood pressure during pregnancy may affect kidney health later in life.
Your Kidneys Are Not Thirsty For Soda
It' s okay to enjoy a soft drink every once in a while. But drinking lots of soda on a regular basis could be harmful for your kidneys, according to a recent study.
Vitamin D for Healthy Kidney Transplants
A kidney transplant can give new hope for a healthy life to a patient with severe kidney disease. A new study suggests that getting enough of a crucial vitamin may be essential for maintaining kidney health after a transplant.
Hold the Salt for Kidney Health
A shaker of salt can be found at almost every table — but new research is suggesting that people with kidney problems might want to give the mineral a second thought.
The Risks of Weight Loss Surgery With Kidney Disease
Weight loss surgery can be an effective treatment for some patients who are obese. However, patients with kidney disease may want to consider the risks before deciding on that treatment.
Veggie Protein May Be Better for Kidney Disease
Protein is often associated with meat and eggs. But vegetables can contain the nutrient too, and according to a new study, perhaps in a way that is healthier for people with kidney problems.
Urine May Reveal Heart Risk in Young Diabetes Patients
For adults with diabetes, a urine test can spot those at risk for heart and kidney disease. The same test may also work for young people with type 1 diabetes.
Possible Kidney Risks from Tylenol and Alcohol Combo
People taking Tylenol may need to think twice before they wash it down with an alcoholic drink. New research looked at the health risks of this combination.