Health News

Cholesterol Rx May Give Men's Love Life a Lift
For older men with narrowing of arteries or other heart health risk factors, statins may be prescribed to lower cholesterol. The medication may add an unexpected boost in the bedroom as well.
Healthy Hearts and Strong Brains
Keeping blood pressure in check could reduce your risk for heart disease. But could it also help you stay sharp in midlife?
Cholesterol in Kids Reaches Unhealthy Highs
A cholesterol screening is often a standard part of an adult check-up. Doctors could soon recommend it for children as well, as more kids may have high cholesterol.
Blood Sugar Measure May Not Predict Heart Disease
High blood sugar readings have been tied to a greater risk for heart disease. While these blood sugar readings may signal risk of pre-diabetes or diabetes, they may not be a sign that heart disease waits ahead.
Cholesterol Rx Users Drop Weight and Diabetes Risk
Research has shown that popular cholesterol-lowering medications may increase the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Weight control, however, may keep the diabetes away.
Number of Statin Users May See Jump
The way in which a medication is used can undergo a big shift — a shift that has the potential to affect many Americans. A new study hinted at such a shift in a common cholesterol medication.
Taking Statins Without the Heart Scan
Heart scans are often ordered before doctors prescribe statin medications to reduce cholesterol. Those heart scans may not be routinely necessary, a new study suggests.
Supplements Lowered Bad Cholesterol in Older Women
Could taking supplements possibly help women improve their health? A new study looked at the effects of supplements on 'bad' cholesterol.
Vegan Low Carb Diet Good for the Heart
Low carbohydrate diets can reduce weight while diets rich in vegetable protein and oils improve heart health. Combining both diets might also combine the benefits.
Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
There are many health benefits to being a physically active person. Here’s a list from what you might gain from developing an exercise routine.