RxWiki Opens Its SaaS Platform To Application Providers

Certified Solutions Providers can reach thousands of pharmacists and millions of patients

(Austin, TX, January 6, 2015) RxWiki, Inc. announced today the launch of its Certified Solutions Provider (CSP) program enabling third-party applications and systems providers to integrate with RxWiki's Digital Pharmacist platform.  When integrated, CSPs have access to RxWiki’s national network of community pharmacies and a comprehensive social media and mobile app solutions suite.

RxWiki is integrating innovative applications and services that deliver measurable value to community pharmacies and their patients. Some of the initial applications RxWiki is partnering with include:

  • Cognitive Applications

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Disease Management Programs

  • Medication Therapy Management

  • Pharmacy Transactions

  • Beacon Location Based Applications

“We believe producing great products and services is not enough for community pharmacies today. By expanding the distribution of third-party solutions RxWiki is delivering measurable value to patients,” said Lou Scalpati, RxWiki’s co-founder and CTO.

Integrating within the Digital Pharmacist platform enables solutions providers to:

  • Increase distribution. Application developers in the pharmacy market can now gain broad distribution for their products. Solutions integrated with RxWiki will instantly be at the fingertips of millions of pharmacy patients across the country. The MaaS platform already supports third party tools from industry leaders, and yours could be the next innovation.

  • Expand offering. Leverage the full range of the RxWiki platform to offer innovative services to community pharmacies. When you develop for RxExchange, your services are available across multiple channels, such as websites and mobile apps. RxExchange encompass all of these channels for optimal cross-platform performance.

  • Increase transactions. RxExchange enables developers to seamlessly integrate pharmacy systems with the RxWiki Mobile app to deliver a superior user experience. The RxExchange API lets you become part of the industry leading RxWiki platform.

Our first partner to launch on our platform, Instant Medical History, provides patient interview software which allows pharmacists to engage patients with detailed interviews before they arrive in the pharmacy.

If you would like to become a RxWiki's Certified Solutions Provider and potentially reach thousands of pharmacists and millions of patients, please contact RxExchange@RxWiki.com.

About RxWiki

RxWiki's mission is to create, organize, and share the world's medication knowledge. RxWiki offers an innovative platform, empowering pharmacists digitally syndicate medication information to patients. Additionally, RxWiki's Software-as-a-Service and Mobile-as-a-Service platforms enable pharmacists to distribute customized mobile apps, process pharmacy Rx transactions, and deliver care services that produce measurable economic value to patients and the health industry.

Last Updated: April 3, 2015