RxWiki's Life Sciences Library of Digital Encyclopedias

RxWiki’s Life Sciences Library (LSL) is an innovative digital resource for patients to discover health and medication information they can both trust and understand.

RxWiki's strategic goal is to change the way patients research medication information, ask questions, and share insights with others. With over 20,000 pages and 1,200 videos under management, RxWiki's pharmacist editors are rapidly changing how patients learn about their medications.

Our “Perpetual-Peer-Review’ publishing philosophy focuses on four core attributes:

  • Publishing velocity
  • Editor transparency
  • Unbiased information
  • Digital accessibility

RxWiki's digital encyclopedias are a leading resource for patients to find, learn, and share trusted health and medication information. We believe patient education drives medication adherence and empowers positive patient behaviors, two major steps towards a healthier world.

RxWiki's crowd-sourced publishing platform enables pharmacists to personally contribute their insights in a measurable way. Pharmacist editors create content and produce videos at an 8th grade reading level, enhancing health literacy.

This Perpetual-Peer-Review editorial model ensures every page in the library has been reviewed by at least two pharmacists. With health information changing by the minute, updates to RxWiki's LSL happen within hours of FDA announcements, compared to weeks for other publishers.

The RxWiki Life Sciences Library includes the following digital encyclopedias:

  • Prescription
  • Over-the-counter
  • Natural medicines
  • Health conditions
  • Laboratory tests
  • Compounding
  • Copay / Assistance programs
  • Pharmacogenomics