Guiding Principles

We believe digital patient education is the answer to many health literacy and medication adherence issues.

  • Our content is first and foremost patient-oriented, RxWiki seeks to provide patients with information that empowers them to take action to live healthier lives.
  • RxWiki is committed to providing to patients timely health and medication updates that reflect present state of the shifting landscape of health information.
  • The RxWiki Life Science Library aims to represent a comprehensive patient education offering with content surrounding medication, conditions, supplements, and more.
  • The value of health content is directly tied to its ability to promote positive behaviors. Our content is written to be fully understandable and actionable by patients.
  • Our content is published by practicing healthcare professionals and experts using source material from respected health authorities to guarantee accurate information.
  • RxWiki patient education content is written for distribution by the most trusted healthcare professional, the pharmacist – guaranteeing content that remains accessible to everyone.
  • Transparent recognition of our writers and editors allows patients to trust the validity and quality of our content.
  • Patient education remains a broken, fractionated area of healthcare; RxWiki seeks to address this major issue by offering synchronized news, video, and evergreen content with a unified voice and tone.