RxWiki Launches Version 4.0 of it's Mobile-as-a-Service Platform

Community pharmacy mobile platform integrates transaction services and patient care solutions

(Austin, TX, July 23, 2014) RxWiki, Inc. announced today Version 4.0 of its Mobile-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform for community pharmacies. With over 2,000 mobile apps under management, RxWiki’s MaaS platform delivers a progressively personalized user experience, integrating pharmacy transaction services, patient care solutions with world-class medication information.

By integrating third-party features into the MaaS platform, RxWiki’s mobile app is becoming a multi-function utility for patients to communicate with pharmacies.

“Version 4.0 paves the way for expanded integration of best-in-class functionality such as prescription orders, lab test services and appointment scheduling,” said Hamilton Shu, RxWiki’s Mobile VP. “By integrating a patient’s various needs into one innovative app, RxWiki has become a mobile utility for patients on the move.”

“We believe the Mobile Prescription Therapy (MPT) functionality of RxWiki Mobile is valuable to patients because it acts as a digital assistant, helping them manage their medication care.  It also gives pharmacists access to unique information to help make more informed decisions," said Shu.

Travis Hale, of Remington Drug Co. in Virginia, said "The mobile app RxWiki built for our business is already generating excitement amongst our customers. In the short time we've been promoting it, several patients have downloaded it and are using it refill their prescriptions. Our personalized mobile app, coupled with the entire Digital Pharmacist program, has added value and kept our store, Remington Drug, which was started in 1913, current with today's technology."

The MaaS platform’s powerful new functionality includes:

  • Enhanced content delivery system for responsive website rendering
  • Synchronized text and video based patient education
  • Accelerated integration of third-party features
  • Extended customization options for pharmacies
  • APIs for interfacing with health exchanges
  • Medicare Star Rating reporting measurements

“RxWiki now supports various medication therapy and adherence programs, and has the potential to enhance patient-pharmacist interventions. Since improvements in adherence performance can translate into CMS Star Ratings upgrades, RxWiki made a concerted effort to improve pharmacy-related measures for payors,” said Shu.

For more information, visit RxWiki at www.RxWiki.com

About RxWiki

RxWiki's mission is to create, organize, and share the world's medication knowledge. RxWiki offers an innovative Content-as-a-Service platform, empowering pharmacists to create and syndicate health and medication information to patients. Additionally, RxWiki's Software-as-a-Service and Mobile-as-a-Service platforms enable pharmacists to distribute mobile apps, process pharmacy transactions, and deliver care services that produce measurable economic value to patients and industry.

Last Updated: April 3, 2015