Patient Conversation Media Forms Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Austin, TX, June. 6, 2011 -- Patient Conversation Media announced today the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary named, to create the first medication therapy management encyclopedia for consumers, written and edited by pharmacists. RxWiki is a free website, publishing pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, and nutraceutical medication information. RxWiki also serves as a community network for pharmacists to create and share information for their patients and consumers at large, and to collaborate in the advancement of Medication Therapy Management (MTM).

“Today, 42% of all US online consumers use Wikipedia, and 7% of US online consumers with medical conditions used peer-edited health information in the past 12 months. The mission of RxWiki is to become the Web’s most trusted source of medication information,” said CEO of RxWiki, Don Hackett and we believe pharmacists will gain tremendous professional satisfaction from contributing to this new medium knowing it will be one more way they improve consumers’ use of medications.

“It is often difficult for consumers to find accurate and up-to-date medication information online,” added Guy MacNeill, President of RxWiki. “We are eager to fill that gap by empowering consumers with a site that integrates the latest medication news, video, trusted content, and social media features. RxWiki is different from other medication resources because it’s a community-driven content portal that will tap America’s pharmacists as trusted content editors.”

“Patients who actively participate in their healthcare, their medication therapy and who have a personal relationship with their pharmacist can experience improved health outcomes. RxWiki will serve as the premier medication resource for patients in increasing their understanding of their medications and will enable them to take a more active role with their pharmacist, and in managing their medication therapy," added Hackett.

RxWiki features will include:

  • Trusted Medications Content - created and edited only by authorized pharmacists and leading pharmacy schools unlike Wikipedia which is open for anyone to edit.
  • Timely and Relevant – includes the very latest medication news and FDA updates from the leading healthcare news site, dailyRx
  • Video – Compelling medications video integrated with content for an in-depth, immersive user experience
  • Social Media – Integrates with social media networks to ensure timely sharing, discussion, and distribution of medication news and information
  • Healthcare IT Integration –EMR and pharmacy systems integrations enable physicians and pharmacists to directly “prescribe” medication content
  • Consumer focus – written to educate and inform the average consumer who is often confused by medical jargon

“We are excited about the creation of RxWiki,” said Don Hackett.  “The publishing model is powerful: pharmacists are able to contribute medications articles at a dramatically faster rate than historical methodologies, providing consumers with the most up-to-date information. We expect the consumer audience to build rapidly – witness the rapid growth of Wikipedia – drawn to RxWiki by its ease of use, timeliness, and the inherent trust consumers have in their local pharmacists.”

About Patient Conversation Media, Inc.

PCMi, an eHealth media company, is a mission-driven leader in facilitating communications between patients and healthcare providers. PCMi publishes, a doctor approved, health news site for the on-demand, mobile healthcare consumer.  PCMi’s is the first medication encyclopedia written for consumers by pharmacists, delivering the latest and most trusted prescription drug, OTC, and nutraceutical information on the web.  PCMi’s consumer centric 1-800-Health-Brands, such as, enables patients to easily connect with health care providers.

Last Updated: March 6, 2013