Most Read Medications News - February ‘13

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Austin, TX -- March 14, 2013 -- RxWiki, Inc. announced today the most read medication pages and news featured within, various social media channels,YouTube, and mobile apps. RxWiki publishes and syndicates the only pharmacist-created, medication encyclopedia integrated with relevant news and videos.

RxWiki realized considerable growth during the month of February 2013 on both and across its Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

Most read medications during February 2013:

Most read pharmaceutical news on social media during February 2013:

“Accessing easy-to-understand medication information is a requirement to improving medication adherence,” said Donald Hackett, CEO of RxWiki. “RxWiki opens the digital door for pharmacists to prescribe the most current medication information to their patients.”

Manhattan Research reported that 116 million U.S. adults specifically research prescription drug or pharmaceutical company resources online every year. Additionally, approximately 75 million individuals used health mobile applications in 2012, as reported by Ruder Finn.

“Patients need access to the latest medication information in a language they can understand, on their digital devices and from a pharmacist they trust. RxWiki enables community pharmacists to continue patient education and adherence counseling outside of the pharmacy,” said Hackett.

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RxWiki, Inc. is an innovative media company that publishes medication content, deploys eHealth applications and powers digital Medication Therapy Management (dMTM™) services. RxWiki's Social Media-as-a-Service offering enables pharmacies and pharmacists to distribute medication information and health news within social media channels and mobile applications. renders the only digital medications encyclopedia for patients, created and edited exclusively by licensed pharmacists.

Last Updated: March 14, 2013