Seve Ballesteros Loses Fight with Brain Cancer

Seve Ballesteros gained international attention when at only 19 he came in second at the famed British Open. The Spanish golfer went on to win five major championships.

Working Too Much and Eating Out More

It is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to go to work, then come home and make dinner, and spend quality time with the family. Frequently, 'making dinner' gets cut for quicker options.

Avoid What's Ailin' You

Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! This should be the motto during allergy season for those suffering. Does pollen bother you? Keep windows closed.

Two Visits Are Better than One

Before someone goes through heart surgery doctors need to evaluate the heart's ability to pump blood. The test performed can be harmful to patients' kidneys. However, researchers found a way that may reduce the risk of kidney damage.

Red Rover Red Rover Asthma Pill Come Over

Many parents struggle to get their asthmatic children to properly use their steroid inhalers. Hope has arrived. A groundbreaking new study reports that asthma management may be getting a lot easier.

Manly Men Get More Advice

Weight is often a touchy subject to discuss. When and under what circumstances is it okay for someone to talk about it? Would it be better if it was a doctor or physician?

Cholesterol May Not Be so Bad After All

Most people have heard about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, but what do you really know about it? Yeah, sure bad cholesterol is to blame at times for blocked arteries, but what else?

Hang Out Together, Get Fat Together

Where do we get our self image from? How do we determine what an ideal body size is? Body image is very important to many women because looking good often makes someone feel good.

New Perspective on Depression

Being blue is no fun. Anyone will tell you that. But new research says people with major depression may actually have superior reasoning skills.

Fitting in is Proving More Costly on Health

Everyone has felt the need to fit in at least once. Whether it be in school, at work, or even just in life. Fitting in to something is just a part of life.


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