FDA Demands STD Products Removal

FDA advises not taking Medavir, Herpaflor, Viruxo and other OTC "herbs"

(RxWiki News) The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have issued warnings to companies that claim their "dietary supplements" are effective in preventing or treating sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).

Prompt treatment of STDs often positively impacts treatment effectiveness, and FDA's Dr. Debbie Birnkrant is concerned people will mess around with phony products and waste precious treatment time. Birnkrant says that condoms are the only non-prescription products that can prevent sexually transmitted disease.

"Your health, your partner and your unborn child's health depends on treating STDs."

STDs can only be diagnosed and treated under the supervision of a health care professional. Some STDs have symptoms that include sores or a discharge, but the majority of infected people have no symptoms at all.

Because of this, Birnkrant says people who are sexually active, have had unprotected sex, or have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease should go to the doctor, get a diagnosis and get the appropriate prescription medication.

This is especially true if  these symptoms are present:

  • burning sensation with urination
  • pelvic pain
  • discharge from the penis or vagina
  • blisters
  • sore

There are FDA-approved medications available to treat many sexually transmitted diseases. These products have met federal standards for safety, effectiveness, and quality—and they’re available only by prescription, Birnkrant says.

FDA's hit list of companies receiving warning letters:

  • Immuneglory
  • Viruxo
  • Masterpeace, Inc
  • Institute of Holistic Health
  • Gene-eden (Polydna)
  • Chlamydia-Clinic
  • Everclr
  • Pacific Naturals
  • Derma Remedies
  • Flor Nutraceuticals
  • Medavir Medical Advances, Inc.
  • Lesa Sverid
Review Date: 
May 3, 2011