digital Medication Therapy Management

RxWiki’s digital Medication Therapy Management (dMTM) services enable community pharmacists to collaborate with their patients to encourage informed decision-making, drive treatment compliance and boost patient satisfaction. 

RxWiki’s dMTM solutions integrate patient education and medication therapy management services beyond the pharmacy’s door, keeping patients informed and engaged in their health.  From original news and video to alerts, updates and medication reminders, RxWiki’s solutions keep patients in the know and better prepared to manage self-care and medication use.

Proactive, digitally connected patients that are knowledgeable about their medications will improve health outcomes while reducing the overall cost of care.

The RxWiki dMTM offering includes a range of services designed to boost patient interaction and increase medication adherence:

  • RxWiki Educate™
  • RxWiki Notify™
  • RxWiki Remind™

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Last Updated: May 14, 2013