RxWiki Educate

RxWiki publishes and syndicates the leading digital medication encyclopedia created exclusively by licensed pharmacists.  RxWiki’s pharmacist-editors create and edit the first digital medication encyclopedia published for both patients and consumers.

Pharmacies and health providers are utilizing RxWiki’s news feeds and social media solutions to maximize patient engagement promoting patients who are more involved in managing their health, adhering to their prescriptions, and reducing healthcare expenses.

Pharmacies distribute trusted medication information and news  to patients via print, website, mobile, social, and video platforms. RxWiki enables pharmacists to ‘prescribe’ relevant medication information written in easy-to-understand language to keep patients engaged in their care.

Educating patients about the side effects and benefits of their medication reduces confusion and better prepares them to effectively manage their health and adhere to medication therapy.

If you have any questions or would like more RxWiki Educate information, please contact Rob Koeppl at Advertise@RxWiki.com.

Last Updated: September 13, 2013