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A Mutated Thyroid Cancer
Some kinds of cancer are made more ominous than others by certain genetic mutations. Detecting these mutations early can help doctors know which patients to treat aggressively and early.
Stress, Inflammation and Cancer
Stress goes by many names, but on a cellular level that name is inflammation. A number of biological activities can cause inflammation, so can the stresses of unhealthy lifestyles.
"Re-purposing" Drugs to Fight Thyroid Cancer
Developing new drugs takes years of research and costs millions of dollars. That's why scientists often look at the existing pool of pharmaceutical medications as possible solutions for a wide range of diseases.
President of Argentina has Thyroid Cancer
Newly re-elected Argentinean President, Cristina Fernandez , has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She will undergo surgery to remove the gland on January 4, 2012.
Thyroid Cancer's Three Gene Soup
Thyroid cancer is on the rise in the United States among both men and women, but no one knows why exactly. What is becoming clearer, though, is what increases a person's risk for the disease.
Overcoming Thyroid Cancer Resistance
Thyroid cancer is usually successfully treated with surgery. The problem is - this is one of the cancers that tends to reappear. New research has uncovered a means for overcoming a common obstacle in treating thyroid cancer.
NASCAR Provides Answers to Reduce Smoking
One of the major risks factors for head and neck cancers is smoking. New studies show community-based screenings may reduce smoking habits and reduce the risk of head and neck cancer.
Detecting Thyroid Cancer Faster Than Ever
Just because something is fast does not mean it may be worthwhile. A new imaging technique for thyroid cancer is not only fast but accurate and cost-effective.
Diabetes Drug's Dark Side
There have been huge strides in the fight against diabetes over the past decade. Patients now have more treatment and drug options than they ever did before. Yet, some of these drugs may not be entirely safe.
Erratic Cancer Treatment Patterns
Physicians don't always follow recommended guidelines for screenings, diagnostic testing or treatment. Apparently, this sort of confusion is being seen in thyroid cancer treatment.