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It’s Usually Not Thyroid Cancer
You could have a lump on your thyroid and not even know it. More than half of adult Americans have lumps — called nodules — on the thyroid, a gland at the base of the neck. There’s controversy about which of these nodules need to be tested for cancer.
Genetic Judgment: It’s Not Cancer
Doctors don’t know why abnormal growths called nodules commonly show up on the thyroid. These growths are often nothing to worry about, but sometimes they are cancerous.
New Rx for Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid cancers are typically (and thankfully) less aggressive than most other cancers but sometimes they cannot be treated using traditional therapy. 
Surviving Cancer Post-Chernobyl
The world’s first major nuclear incident happened 27 years ago in the former Soviet Union. The Chernobyl nuclear plant caught fire and later exploded, releasing radiation throughout the region. 
Film Critic Roger Ebert Dies of Cancer
One day after announcing that his cancer had returned, Roger Ebert has died. The  veteran film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times had battled thyroid and salivary gland cancer for years. He was 70 years old.
Rx Combo Delivers Fatal Blow to Rare Thyroid Cancer
The most common types of thyroid cancer are fairly easy to live with. Anaplastic thyroid cancer ( ATC ) isn’t one of them, though. Early research shows a combination of anti-cancer meds may be beneficial.
Why Is Thyroid Cancer Skyrocketing?
Thyroid cancer is usually one folks can live with for a long time. The vast majority – 95 percent – are alive five years after diagnosis. Despite this positive outlook, there’s a disturbing trend with this cancer.
Cancer Wounds WTC Workers
When the World Trade Centers evaporated on 9/11, clouds of toxic chemicals were left in their wake. Researchers wanted to know the impact of these clouds on the health of rescue workers.
FDA Approves New Rx For Rare Cancer
A new drug to treat advanced thyroid cancer that has spread to other areas of the body has been approved. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Cometriq ( cabozantinib ) to treat medullary thyroid cancer.
What To Expect With Thyroid Cancer
Not all cancers are life threatening. That is, people with some forms of cancer will generally have a normal life expectancy. The most common types of thyroid cancers usually don’t affect a patient’s lifespan.