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When a Rash Isn’t Just a Rash
Every body develops a rash from time to time. But odd changes to the skin can also be a symptom of more serious health issues going on inside the body.
Hey Guys, Check Your Skin
Men aged 50 years and older haven’t been checking themselves for signs of skin cancer, according to recent studies. Early detection of skin cancer is essential for nipping it in the bud.
Melanoma Clinical Trials Worth a Shot
Treating melanoma is notoriously tricky. Doctors may hesitate to recommend clinical trials fearing the risks for patients outweigh the rewards. But these fears may be unfounded.
Lather Up for the Drive
Anyone who’s had a bad sunburn knows to use sunscreen before heading outside. They may also want to start using sun protection while driving in a car. Car windows can let up to 80 percent of UV rays inside.
Hey Doc, Is This a Side Effect?
There’s no need to suffer in silence. Side effects of melanoma medications can be managed, but only if the patient tells the doctor about all of the symptoms as soon as they appear.
Organ Transplant Meds Increase Cancer Risks
The last thing an organ transplant patient needs to worry about is skin cancer. But nearly half of these patients wind up with skin cancer because of the medications they take to ensure their bodies don’t reject the new organ.
Skin Cancer & Sun-Sensitive Meds
Why do certain medications come with a warning that they can make people more sensitive to ultraviolet light? It’s because too much sun while on those meds can raise skin cancer risks.
Skin Cancer Rates Rising
Skin cancer rates have been on the rise for years. The best way to prevent skin cancer is to protect the skin from sunlight and avoid tanning beds.
Bring Tunes to Skin Cancer Surgery
Undergoing a long skin cancer surgery while awake could make anyone anxious. Why not put on a pair of earphones and jam out to help pass the time and calm the nerves?
HIV Positive? Check for Skin Cancer
If you have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), you may have a higher risk of certain types of skin cancer. With any type of skin cancer, early detection and treatment is the key.