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Soaring Melanoma Risks for Some
Melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – is increasing in this country for a number of reasons, including tanning beds. Some cancer patients are especially at risk and need to be especially vigilant of their skin.
How to Eliminate 170,652 Cases of Skin Cancer A Year
Recent outlawing of minors using tanning beds was based on real medical evidence. People under the age of 25 are especially at risk for developing skin cancer from tanning beds.
Three Ways to Protect Kids From Skin Cancer
Sunburns not only hurt when they happen, but they also put kids at risk for skin cancer down the line. Skin damage is preventable though – with shade, sunscreen and clothing.
Can Young Kids Get Skin Cancer?
Can young kids get skin cancer? You bet. In fact the disease is on the rise. So be sure to lather on that sunscreen from infancy!
Play in the Sun, Yes
Sunscreen? Yes indeed. SPF 15, 30, or 50? No worries. Parents are a-okay with their children playing in the sun.
Technology Detects Cancer Spread
Computer scans can help doctors pinpoint targets for surgery, treatment or see if cancer is on the move. One technology has proved to be very accurate for people living with melanoma.
Targeting Melanoma With Chemical Snipers
Treating melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer, requires a creative approach. That’s because these tumors tend to ignore conventional treatment. Combining therapies may be the answer.
Eczema, Sun & Skin Cancer
Think putting on sunscreen takes too much time and effort? Think again—it could save your skin from serious trouble later in life.
Beating Cancer by Braving Drugs
When it’s the body against cancer, the body has to win at all costs. Getting the better of melanoma may require the immune system taking one for the team.
Containing Cancer is Complicated
Why does cancer (so often) return after it's thought to have been killed and is no longer evident in the body? Scientists think they might know about why this happens - Cancer Stem Cells.