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Anxious with Arthritis
The pain of arthritis can seem ever-present. Eventually, that pain can become more than physical; it can dampen your day and sour your mood.
Medical Food Hurts Livers
If you own a TV, you know what prescription drug commercials sound like: a persuasive description of the benefits of the drug followed by a lengthy list of side effects.
Arthritis Injection: More Harm than Good
When treating osteoarthritis, the first goal is to reduce pain. There are a number of drugs and techniques to relieve pain for arthritis patients, but the benefits do not always outweigh the costs.
FDA Issues Warning on Natural Supplement
There are countless dietary supplements marketed as natural remedies for pain relief. In some instances, these supplements turn out to be neither natural nor safe, which seems to be the case for Reumofan Plus.
Boosting Activity for Arthritis
Exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy for any human being. Physical activity is especially important for arthritis patients trying to reduce pain.
Test Spots Arthritis Before it Starts
Millions of Americans suffer from a painful condition called osteoarthritis. In the past, doctors could not diagnose the condition until patients started showing symptoms. Now, that might change.
Arthritis Anxiety
Arthritis affects an estimated 50 million people in the United States alone. Physical joint pain may not be the only negative effect, psychological disorders may accompany arthritis as well.
Tomosynthesis Useful for Spotting OA
Advances in technology have given us amazing ways to see inside a person's body. Using X-ray or MRI, doctors can diagnose patients without cutting into their bodies. Not all imaging techniques, though, are equal.
New Knees on the Rise
When medications and exercise no longer give arthritis patients the relief they need, surgery may be the next option. A total joint replacement can free patients from pain, giving them the mobility to live a normal life.
Replacing a Knee May Save Your Heart
Some arthritis patients need surgery to repair severely damaged knees. You might think such surgery would bring relief only to the affected knee joints. But knee replacement surgery may offer even more benefits.