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New Look at a Misnamed Cancer
You may never have heard of this type. Cancer of the appendix is usually thought to be a colon cancer, since the useless organ is part of the 5-6 foot long tube that follows the small intestine.  
Sugar + Fat Might Add up to Colon Cancer
Obesity has long been associated with increased risks of developing cancer. Diets high in sugar and fat have also been thought to be cancer-promoting. But there haven't been any firm links - until now.
Happy 50th - Wishing You a Clear Colonoscopy
It's a fairly well-known guideline. Start colorectal cancer screenings at age 50. Yet, far too many folks in this age group ignore these recommendations - a decision that can be deadly. Now these guidelines have been updated.
Calls for Medicare to Cover a Virtual Lifesaver
Colonoscopy is an expensive, invasive and costly colon cancer screening method. An easier, less expensive and invasive technique known as a virtual colonoscopy or CT colonography uses a scanner.  
Experimental Drug for Metastatic Colon Cancer Works
A new drug has been shown to significantly extend the lives of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
Switching Off Resistant Colon Cancer
A study shows that patients who have colon cancer that is no longer responding to therapy may benefit from switching to a similar drug in the same class.
Dealing with KRAS Genes
Alterations in the KRAS gene make for one hellava difficult cancer foe. Colon cancers that are driven by this gene resist all known treatments. This log jam may have been busted through thanks to new research.
Drink up Your Colon Cancer Risk
A long-standing Harvard study of 135,151 people over a 20-year period has given researchers a lot of data to work with. The most recent of these findings involves the relationship between alcohol and colon cancer.
Fighting Off Cancer Does Cost
The major side effect of concern with Eloxatin ( oxaliplatin ) is the progressive loss of feeling or function in fingers or toes. That is a small price to pay when extending metastatic colon cancer survival from a few months to a few years.
Cocoa may Cut Colon Cancer Risks
Food as medicine is an increasing area of research interest. The scientific community has even labeled various foods so-called "super foods." And one of those is the main ingredient in chocolate.