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The Lost Years of Cancer
The big C takes a chunk out of human life, wherever it appears – in whatever form. The lost years and the lost productivity take their toll not just on individuals and their families – but the entire world.
Moving Fast with a Cup of Joe
While that good cup of coffee gets your day going, it can also help the bathroom flow, even among patients having colon surgery.
Diabetes Drugs Cut Colon Cancer Risk
There are many factors to think about when prescribing drugs to diabetes patients. One of these factors is the cancer risk of a particular drug; or in some cases, the cancer-preventing powers of that drug.
Tech Helps Elderly Cancer Patients Live Longer
Cancer can be one of the most difficult things to live with, and for those fighting it at 80, treatments can be even more trying.
Should Aspirin Be Used to Prevent Colorectal Cancer?
Increasingly, scientists are linking inflammation with cancer. A classic drug choice to treat inflammation is aspirin. Is this drug ready for primetime in the cancer fight? Well, it depends who you ask.
A Chat With The Makers Of New Colorectal Cancer Drug
People living with colorectal cancer that has spread to other areas of the body now have a new therapy option. Unlike so many late-stage cancer treatments, this isn’t an intravenous drug - rather, a tablet.
The Mail Improves Cancer Screening Rates
Colorectal cancer screening rates could be better. Most people just don’t want to mess with the tests or the expenses of these screenings. These already low rates are even lower among poor people, racial minorities and people who don’t speak English very well.
Fitness Now Improves Life Later
Higher fitness levels bring lots of benefits to individuals in the now. It helps keep away illnesses and makes the body strong. And fitness also has an effect way down the road by adding years to life, but its quality had been in question.
Inflammation, Bacteria and Colorectal Cancer
Trillions of bacteria - that's right trillions with a "t" - are found inside the lining of the colon. When inflammation enters the picture, that's when trouble can start. The bacteria and inflammation can team up and become a deadly duo.
Vegetable Compound May Shrink Breast Tumors
A compound found in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and kale has been studied for its effect on cancer. Recently, its potential benefits may have been expanded.