Health News

High Fiber Diets Love Hearts
Don't be shy about packing away fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grain breads at the dinner table. Doing so appears to give individuals added protection against heart disease.
Should Your OB/GYN Care for Your Heart?
The doctor many women know best - and see most often is their OB/ GYN . So, your OB/ GYN may be the best person to screen you for cardiovascular risk factors along with your annual exam.
State Wealth A Predictor of Heart Inflammation
The wealth of individual U.S. states also appears to predict cardiovascular health in women. Women from wealthier states were found to have lower levels of heart inflammation, a key heart disease risk factor.
Vitamin E Won't Cut Heart Failure Risk
Supplements can offer benefits to patients and, at times, even stave off certain medical conditions. While vitamin E supplements can be beneficial, they do not appear to lower the risk of heart failure in women.
Moderate Drinking Drops Stroke Risk in Women
Women have another reason to raise their glasses. Moderate alcohol consumption appears to lessen the risk of stroke among women.
Dark Chicken May Benefit Heart
Got high cholesterol? Consider grabbing a drumstick. Those with high cholesterol may receive an added benefit from eating chicken or turkey -- specifically from consuming a nutrient in dark meat.
After Menopause Trans Fat Intake Ups Risk
High consumption of trans fats such as fried or processed foods may catch up with women later in life. Postmenopausal women who indulge in higher amounts of trans fats appear to be at an increased risk of stroke.
Citrus Fruits Lower Stroke Risk for Women
Citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits do more than function as a tasty snack. In women, a compound found in citrus fruits also appears to lower the risk of stroke.
Painless Heart Attacks Deadly for Women
Women, especially those that are younger, are more likely to suffer a heart attack without painful chest symptoms. A new study suggests they also are less likely to survive.
Pregnancy Complications Can Predict Heart Disease
Pregnancy-related complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia may not just put your health at risk in the short term. Such pregnancy disorders also may affect your risk of heart disease later in life.