Health News

Balancing Antidepressants' Risks during Pregnancy
Taking antidepressants during pregnancy has always involved a balancing of possible benefits and risks. But so does skipping the medication when a mom has depression.
The Importance of Healthy Pregnancy Weight
Obesity can contribute to a range of different health problems, but for pregnant women, those problems may affect two people.
Tipping the Weight Scales on Cesarean Odds
Being obese before pregnancy increases the odds for high blood pressure, diabetes and premature births, but the effect of weight gained during pregnancy may change a mother's plans for delivery.
Cardiac Arrest in Pregnant Women Rare but Serious
While women and doctors do their best to avoid complications during pregnancy, they can still occur, and some of these complications are more common than others. Even the rare ones — like cardiac arrest — can be serious.
A Diabetic Pregnancy and the Heart
Among the complications that can occur during a pregnancy is gestational diabetes. Though gestational diabetes usually goes away after pregnancy, its risks may not always.
Patches Didn't Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking
Smoking during pregnancy can result in serious health consequences for both the baby and mother. A recent study investigated if nicotine patches could help.
Home Births on the Rise, But Still Rare
More moms-to-be may be opting for a new birth plan — a plan that doesn't involve the hospital. Researchers behind a new study looked at changing trends in where women are giving birth.
Vodka Martinis Do Risk Baby's Health
When a pregnant woman drinks a martini, her fetus is exposed to the alcohol. Researchers have just confirmed that even small amounts of alcohol could seriously affect the baby's health.
Nutrition Linked to Baby's Early Birth
Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and similarly healthy foods are recommended for everyone, but especially for pregnant women. Following that advice may reduce the risk of a baby's early arrival.
Eating for Two Not Wise for Either
Whether it's pickles and ice cream or Hot Cheetos dipped in ranch, pregnant women often experience bizarre food cravings. But the real secret to healthy weight gain is not "eating for two."