Health News

Predicting Child's Asthma
What can be done prior to conception  to decrease the risk of of your child developing asthma? Mothers-to-be should get on an exercise and nutritional program.
When Mom Smokes, Brains Don't Develop
Data keeps rolling in about the dangers to an unborn baby if the mother smokes. A recent study suggests that brain damage and developmental problems are more likely for the babies of smoking mothers.
Asthma's Smoking Gun
The dangers to the unborn child from prenatal smoking exposure are even greater than originally thought.These children start their life with a great health disadvantage.
If parents-to-be are interested in very early prenatal sex determination, a new blood test is available. Now, curious parents can choose a pink or blue nursery very early.
Catching Pre-Eclampsia Earlier
Those last weeks of pregnancy are the most exciting and uncomfortable time. This is when conditions such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia most likely occur.
Fatty Acids Plump up Pregnancy
Omega-3 fatty acids in diets have been shown to be protective against many diseases. Although they're too young to take supplements, that doesn't mean that babies can't benefit as well.
Double-Whammy during Pregnancy
Being obese can make pregnancy harder than it already is. Adding type 2 diabetes to that mix makes pregnancy risky for both the mother and the baby.
Preemie Problems With HIV Drug
Premature babies can be born with a host of problems. Preemies exposed to HIV through their mothers also have even more complicated beginnings.
Preparing for Pregnancy with Diabetes
For women with diabetes, pregnancy can be an especially stressful time. That's why it is important for these mothers to learn how to keep both themselves and their babies healthy.
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Pregnant Women
When women become pregnant, they often focus their energies on making sure their fetus is as healthy as possible. However, by delaying vaccination for hepatitis B (HBV) while pregnant, women may be putting their own health at risk.