Health News

Technology Detects Cancer Spread
Computer scans can help doctors pinpoint targets for surgery, treatment or see if cancer is on the move. One technology has proved to be very accurate for people living with melanoma.
Targeting Melanoma With Chemical Snipers
Treating melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer, requires a creative approach. That’s because these tumors tend to ignore conventional treatment. Combining therapies may be the answer.
Beating Cancer by Braving Drugs
When it’s the body against cancer, the body has to win at all costs. Getting the better of melanoma may require the immune system taking one for the team.
Indoor Tanning: Cancerous and Deadly
Want to know what you can do to avoid cancer? Here's an easy one. Don't use tanning beds and don't allow your children to either. Ever. Spread the word.
Investigational Agent Outperforms Chemotherapy
About half of all advanced melanomas have a defect in the BRAF gene. A new strategy may extend the survival time of people living with this most serious form of skin cancer.
Why Cancer 'Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'
So how does cancer outsmart drugs to keep on growing? Researchers are finding some answers in most unlikely places.
Advanced Melanoma Drug To Seek FDA Approval
For the last fifty years, very few treatments have been available for advanced cases of melanoma, but several new drugs in the final stages of development are in competition for the title of best treatment.
One-Two Melanoma Knockout Punch
Since basic research is made public, companies try to edge out the competition in other ways, trying combination therapies and slightly varying molecular structures for cancer drugs targeting the same mutations. 
Texas Sized Results for Melanoma Drug Trial
Results from the first clinical trial of a drug designed to treat advanced cases of melanoma were successful, and the second part of testing has been approved. 
Melanoma Metastasis Test
Although it's extremely rare, melanoma can be found on nearly any surface tissue, from unlikely places like the eye or underneath a fingernail.