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Advances in Treating Liver Cancer Offer New Hope
The world lost one of its legends this week to liver cancer. Former heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier died just weeks after his diagnosis. Advancements in treating this quick killer offer new hope.
The Final Knock Out
He almost didn't know what hit him. Joe Frazier had only been diagnosed with cancer about six weeks before the disease killed him.
Hope for Even the Toughest Cancer Cases
Whether the cancer begins in the liver or spreads there, these tumors are among the toughest to treat. A new therapy offers comfort to patients struggling with the disease.
Extending the Liver Cancer Highway
Patients with advanced liver cancer typically have few therapeutic options. Scientists have discovered that an existing technology offers new hope and days for these patients.
Is Liver Disease Being Spread Through Blood Supplies?
There may be something lurking in the American blood supply that's causing serious health problems. And a researcher suggests that screening for a particular virus needs to be instituted immediately.
New Perspectives on How a Killer Works
Scientists are beginnning to understand why liver cancer is so aggressive. Hong Kong researchers may have uncovered a mechanism that can effectively treat this nearly always fatal disease.
Liver Cancer Linked to Heart Disease and Diabetes Risks
If you have the most common risks for diabetes and heart disease, you may be at greater risk of developing liver cancer.
Diabetes Increases Risks of Cancer
A new study shows that avoiding or controlling diabetes may reduce risks of developing or dying from cancer.
Fighting Cancer with Infection
University of Minnesota researchers have discovered an unlikely way to help cancer patients using salmonella - a bacteria that causes thousands of food borne illnesses in the United States each year.
Help is Here, but You Aren't Eligible
Lack of health insurance coverage may affect hepatitis C patients' access to current antiviral treatments, according to a new study.