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Kidney Cancer Takes a Direct Hit
Treating cancer generally includes a mixture of therapies: surgery, radiation and some sort of drug therapy. Care needs to be taken that these elements don't interfere with one another.
Surgery for Obese is Risky Business
There's a long list of problems that being overweight can cause, and we all know the list by heart. But new research shows that being fat may have additional risks for surgery including kidney damage.
Cancer Detectives on Stakeout
While there are a lot of fancier ways to phrase it, m etabolomics is the field of tracking cancers by looking in their trash. As it turns out, it's quite effective.
Cancer Drug Limbo
Due to the high standards required by the clinical testing process for pharmaceuticals, cancer drugs can linger in limbo for several years before securing approval.
Kidney Drug Helps Transplants & Fights Cancer
Frequently, drugs start life as a treatment for one condition. With increasingly complicated drugs affecting the immune system, it seems the sky's the limit for potential uses of some medications.
The Economics of Surgery
The American health care system prides itself on being the best in the world for advanced, evidenced based medicine and innovative surgical procedures.
Kidney Drug Works for Other Cancers
Despite being tailor-made for specific targets, some of the newer cancer drugs are useful in other types of cancer. A new kidney cancer drug has shown to be effective in metastatic cancer.
Is Kidney Cancer Rare?
Each cancer in a given organ can be quite different. For an uncommon cancer, a large enough population to study is necessary for doctors to make decisions on future cases.
No Harmless Meds After All
Over the counter medications like Advil, Tylenol, and other pain relieving drugs are found in many households, and are generally considered safe when used properly.
Electrical Weapons Fight Cancer
Experimental laboratory research uses space-age materials developed by NASA to improve the latest field in cancer treatment, creating electrical fields to kill tumor cells. Irreversible electroporation , also known as nano-knife surgery, is the newest surgical method for advanced cancers where surgery cannot be performed, including kidney, liver and pancreatic cancers. While the field is only a few years old, scientists have already doubled the effectiveness of the technique. The irreversible electroporation technology uses electricity to create tiny holes in cells, causing them to ...