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Texting While Vaccinating is Approved
Making sure that your child is protected from seasonal flu is important. Text message reminders may give parents that extra push to get their child vaccinated.
Better Flu Vaccine on the Way
Each year's flu vaccine is a different gamble: a combination of the three influenza strains that scientists believe are most likely to circulate that year. But the odds could improve.
Jabbing Pregnant Women
When the H1N1 influenza blew through in the flu season of 2009-2010, some worried about an additional flu vaccine to get. Pregnant mothers who got jabbed may have helped their babies.
Swaddling, Shushing, Swinging, Sucking and Stomach
Watching your child whimper in pain can break your heart, so pediatric visits for immunizations can stress out the whole family. But there are ways to reduce the pain without meds.
Measles Coming Back - Are You Protected?
Measles has typically remained rare in the U.S., unlike the years before the vaccines when children died each year from it. But 2011 was different: measles cases quadrupled in the U.S.
No Seizure Risk After Measles Vaccine
Children getting their second dose of the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine, with or without the chicken pox vaccine, don't need to worry about getting seizures from high fevers.
HPV Shot can Protect From Reinfection
HPV is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases and can lay groundwork for developing cervical cancer. But even women who have had HPV disease can benefit from the vaccine.
HPV Shot Protects Boys from Cancer Too
One of the easiest ways to prevent more than five different kinds of cancers is to get vaccinated for HPV - but doctors may not be vaccinating boys as frequently as they should be.
Fever Seizure Risk Low After Vaccination
Parents concerned about multiple-vaccine shots can rest easier knowing shows one common combination shot is as safe as single vaccines and safer than skipping the vaccine altogether.
Trying to Stamp Out More Meningitis
Another vaccine may be on the horizon to protect against additional forms of bacterial meningitis - and it appears to get along with other vaccines too.