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Middle Age: Not Too Late for Fitness
If you’re middle-aged and feeling unfit, you can still benefit from exercise. The American Heart Association says if you get moving at 40 or older, you can reduce heart failure risk.
Nordic Walking Rehabs Heart
Heart failure patients bored of the typical cardiac rehabilitation exercise machines can get the same or better benefit with a new activity.
Exercise Counteracts Muscle Wasting
With age and conditions such as heart failure, it's not uncommon for individuals to experience muscle wasting. Physical activity appears to be key to reversing that trend while also reducing inflammation. Researchers found that regardless of age, patients who exercised more experienced less muscle wasting as their bodies became conditioned to handle more physical activity. Exercise regularly to slow muscle wasting. Stephan Gielen , MD, lead co-author and deputy director of cardiology at the University Hospital at Martin-Luther-University of Halle in Germany, said that many docto...
One Step at a Time to a Healthier Heart
Most people know that heart failure risks can be reduced by living healthier lives. Actually trying to change all bad habits at once can be difficult though. Take it one step at a time.
Smoking Ban and Diet Delights
There's no better day than today to change your diet and quit smoking. Benefits from these lifestyle changes appear to take effect within months.
Vegan Mainstream Advocates for Change
Like the big shrimp they are trying to avoid, vegan mainstream is becoming a new oxymoron. Even boxer Mike Tyson came out as a pigeon loving vegan this year, landing him a gig on The Animal Planet TV show.
Belt with a Death-Grip
A new study finds that residents of the nation's so-called stroke belt (southeastern states) also have higher-than-average deaths from heart failure.