Health News

Women Happier When They Gained Weight
Obesity is a global epidemic, affecting many populations around the world, as wellness professionals struggle to find solutions.  But do the solutions lead to happiness?  As women start to feel healthier, do they feel better?
A Positive Attitude Lifts the Heart
Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. Patients with cardiovascular disease who keep up a sunny view may increase physical activity and add years to their lives.
Parents-as-Drill Sergeants Not the Best Choice
A fair amount of study has been spent on whether spanking children can cause them any long-term harm. But what about lots of yelling at children?
Humpty Dumpty Might Have Been Stressed
Individuals' mental health can affect their physical health in ways they might not even realize. Even a person's risk of an accident may be related to mental health.
Do Good, Feel Good?
About a quarter of the US population volunteers in some form or another, whether on their own, through a church or through another organization. What do they get out of it?
Is Facebook Making You Sad?
Facebook allows people to connect with family and friends all over the world, but frequent usage may have negative effects.
The Lasting Marks of a Bully
It may seem as though the idea of the class bully has been around as long as classrooms have, or longer. But that doesn't mean bullying should be an acceptable rite of passage.
How Women Choose: Breast or Bottle
When a new baby is on the way, a mother may think of all sorts of plans she has for her child. But when the little bundle arrives, some of those best laid plans may not pan out.
A Weight Off Your Chest
For some curvy women,  extra large breasts can cause  physical pain, trouble exercising and difficulty sleeping. As a result, many women choose to have breast reduction surgery.
Kids Misbehaving Years After Mom Lit Up
Giving a child the best shot at a healthy life starts with a healthy pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy may do more than just physical harm to the baby — behavioral problems may surface years later in the child.