Health News

Why Do Some People Use?
Hair and eye color are easy to predict, but what about drug dependence? Why do some kids from abusive homes end up addicted to drugs and their siblings don’t?
Athletic Cheaters Face New Test
After Lance Armstrong gave up his case against the US Anti-Doping Agency, the organization and similar ones around the world now have new, more effective tools to find blood dopers.
Incentives For Avoiding Drugs
Does the hope for more money in the future outweigh the desire for an immediate payoff? Research may prove that an incentive is an incentive no matter how you slice it.
Monkey See, Monkey Do
What’s the best way to teach kids how to become responsible drinkers in adulthood?  Have the family and environment be a good, consistent example.
Under-Age Pot Use
Marijuana can stunt brain development in minors. Frequent marijuana use, starting at a young age, can lower a person’s IQ up to five points over the years.
Brains On Methadone
Methadone has been used to treat heroin addiction since the 1960s . While keeping people off heroin is a good thing, methadone can hurt learning and memory function.
Ecstasy During Pregnancy a Bad Idea
A study on how ecstasy during pregnancy might affect babies at 4 months old was published early this year. Now those babies are a year old. They're still developing slowly.
Prescription Monitoring Programs
Treating addiction to painkillers may start with electronic monitoring of prescriptions. Doctor shopping and selling excess prescriptions may be a thing of the past.
Drug-Alcohol Combo is Dangerous
Substance abuse is risky no matter what. But, when combining drugs with alcohol, the risks for negative health outcomes increases considerably.
Pot Unsafe While Pregnant
Most people have known that smoking marijuana was not safe for pregnancy. Modern, high-potency marijuana poses additional dangers for fetal development.