Health News

Obesity Weighs Heavily on Kid Hearts
An estimated one out of three children is overweight or obese in the US. To address this problem, many pediatricians from around the country gathered to discuss approaches that may help.
A Flu Shot for the Heart
The main purpose of the flu vaccine is to protect against influenza. But it may offer other benefits as well.
Higher Risk of High Pressure for Heavy Kids
While only a small percentage of children have high blood pressure, those who do may face serious health problems. Overweight children may be especially at risk yet show no signs.
Sleep Apnea Risks Not Only for Adults
People with sleep apnea experience pauses in their breathing or shallow breaths while they sleep. In adults, the condition has been linked to diabetes and heart disease, but that link is less clear in younger people with sleep apnea.
A Jab in the Arm for Heart Health
Most people get the flu vaccine for the obvious reason: to protect them from the flu. But there may be other benefits to the shot as well.
Following Up on Young Folks' Blood Pressure
Most children don’t have to deal with high blood pressure. For those young people who do get hypertension, though, detecting it early may help ward off other health problems in the future.
Active Child Makes for an Active Heart
It’s not news that physical activity is good for the body and can prevent a number heart and health problems in adults. The  same thing can now be said for kids — that  exercise and physical activity could protect young ones from  heart disease. 
We're All a Little Abnormal Now and Then
A couple of things happen every time your child visits the doctor. They weigh your child, take temperature and measure blood pressure. What if your kid's blood pressure is higher than average?
Not What Kids Eat But How They Eat
Certainly a preschooler who eats a lot of sugary food and drinks many sugary beverages is eating poorly. But how they eat may make as much difference to their health as what they eat.
Checking Out Kids' Blood Pressure
The more doctors know about your body, the better they understand your risk for different conditions. By establishing an open relationship with your doctor, they can better address health issues, including conditions such as high blood pressure in kids.