Health News

A New Generation of Heart Stents
Treatments are improving for heart attack patients with obstructed blood vessels. Newer technologies are both safer and more effective.
Stroke and Dementia Linked to Calcium
When calcium builds up in blood vessels it increases the risk of heart disease, including the risk of heart attack. It may also be linked to brain changes that increase the risk of stroke and dementia.
Artery Stenting Suitable for Kids
Surgically inserting a stent to aid blood flow is an accepted practice for adults. It hasn't been considered a safe option for children under 15 months. New research suggests it is feasible and can be performed safely.
In the Nick of Time
Heart attack patients with blocked arteries need treatment within 90 minutes. A new study shows that most are receiving it in the recommended amount of time as compared to five years ago.
Determining Genetic Heart Attack Risk
Some patients are simply at a higher risk of heart attacks and blood vessel diseases because of genetics. The problem is that all of those factors aren't known, making it tough for doctors to predict who is at risk.
Fatty Heart is Bad News
When it comes to your body, most types of fat have negative implications. Fat around the heart is no different. It may cause heart disease even in healthy individuals, especially in men.
Limited Stent Use Successful
Some patients with coronary blockage benefit from medicine-coated stents to prop the artery open. A new study confirms stents are safe with limited use.
How Estrogen Protects Women from Heart Disease
Women may be getting an added boost of protection from heart disease. Natural hormones might explain why men have higher rates of heart disease yet post-menopausal women experience a spike in cardiovascular disease.
Exercising Clogged Leg Arteries
Recreational activities such as golfing, hiking and swimming might do more than provide for a fun family weekend. They also appear to cut your risk of peripheral arterial disease, the narrowing of leg arteries.
Human Platelet Creation to be Attempted
Inherited bleeding and clotting disorders are not well understood. Scientists hope that a study to create human platelet cells, which could aid chemotherapy patients in need of platelet transfusions, will provide insight into platelet function.