Health News

Test on the Sidelines to Spot Concussion
After a concussion, the most appropriate treatment for athletes is physical and cognitive rest. But the concussion has to be recognized in the first place.
What a Football Helmet Can't Do
Many athletes, parents and coaches may expect that wearing a helmet can help protect against concussions. They might be surprised.
Exercise Improved Mobility After Broken Hip
Falls resulting in a hip fracture often occur at home. One new study suggests that the key to a better recovery after such a fall may be found at home as well.
Top-Five List to Improve Emergency Medicine
Curbing the number of potentially needless medical treatments is a key part of improving health care. The emergency department is one place to achieve cost-savings and better care of patients.
Head and Neck Trauma Injuries Could Lead To Stroke
About 2 million people are admitted to the hospital for trauma injuries each month. Trauma to certain places of the body could lead to even more serious health problems, including stroke.
Helmet Design Lowered Risk of Concussion
The hard hitting action on a football field creates a high risk environment for concussions, but one new study shows how better helmet designs might provide better protection.
ADHD May Increase Risk of Traffic Accidents
Millions of traffic accidents happen each year, and they are often due to people being distracted. People with ADHD pose a unique risk.
Falls Now Leading Cause of Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal cord injuries are often associated with dramatic accidents, but simple falls at home could be behind an increase in these injuries.
Heads Up for Girl Soccer Players
Football isn't the only sport where concussions might  frequently  occur. Soccer players can also experience concussions.
Shouldering an Injury in High School Sports
Although much attention has focused on concussions in high school sports, shoulder injuries are common as well. And these injuries may vary by sport.