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5 Common Football Injuries
When football season begins, emergency room visits for sports injuries increase. That's because about 3.5 million kids and adolescents younger than 14 are injured playing sports every year.
Inactivity a Major Issue for Adults with Disabilities
Staying physically active is important for everyone, even for adults who cope with disabilities. And a new report suggests that many of these adults aren't getting enough activity.
Moving More to Prevent Falls
For older adults, recovering from a fall could take months or even years depending on its severity. Some exercise programs are designed to prevent falls and the potentially serious injuries that could result from them.
Sports Specialization Tied to Higher Injury Risk
Kids grow — they become stronger, faster and taller. But for child athletes who grow with their sport and become more focused on that one sport, their chances of getting injured may go up.
When Soccer Gets Down and Dirty
Maybe soccer players need more than shin pads. Young athletes can take some major blows and bruises during practice and games. And the number of injuries increase as players get older.
Overweight? Better Drive Safely
Wearing seat belts and driving safely are two ways to protect yourself from dying in a car accident. Losing weight might be another one.
Mid-Season Shoulder Injuries
Is it better to do a quick fix or long-term solution when it comes to shoulder injuries? Doctors said it depends on the bigger picture.
Olympic Games: London 2012
The modern Olympic Games debuted in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Opening day for the modern world’s 30th Olympic Games will be July 27, 2012 in London, England.