Health News

RA Patients Get Tested for Cancer
It's important to get regular cancer screenings, especially if you have a disease like rheumatoid arthritis - which may also boost your cancer risk.
Moderate Drinking May Cut RA Risk
Alcohol has been the cause of many problems. Be that as it may, drinking red wine in moderation has been shown to protect heart health. Moderate drinking may also do some good for women trying to avoid arthritis.
RA: Barrier to Employment
So many diseases can get in the way of work. Some diseases make it nearly impossible to keep a job. Even though it gets less attention than other disabling diseases, rheumatoid arthritis can be a large barrier to employment.
Future Job Troubles for Arthritic Kids
For some patients, the pain of arthritis gets in the way of their job. If that's the case, children with arthritis may be faced with limited job opportunities as they get older.
Shingles Vaccine Safe for More Patients
People taking immunity-suppressing drugs are currently advised against the live-virus shingles vaccine because there is concern that it could lead to shingles, for this population.
Borderline Personality Linked to Obesity
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) features can interfere with relationships and work. Those same features may also affect general health.
Drugs that Work for RA Patients
If you have to take medication for your rheumatoid arthritis, you want options. When it comes to choosing which drug is right for you, you also want to know how well those drug options work.
Anxious with Arthritis
The pain of arthritis can seem ever-present. Eventually, that pain can become more than physical; it can dampen your day and sour your mood.
RA Drugs Go Head-to-Head
There are many drugs that treat rheumatoid arthritis, and each drug works differently from the next. With all the mystery surrounding rheumatoid arthritis, it can be hard to tell which drug works best for each patient.
When RA Gets Complicated
Rheumatoid arthritis can last a lifetime. As the years pass, the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis can spread to other organs, causing a variety of health problems. In some cases, the complications of rheumatoid arthritis can be deadly.