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RA Patients Waiting for Drug Treatment
Even in the first few years of rheumatoid arthritis, your joints can become badly damaged. So doctors often put patients on strong drug treatment early in the course of disease.
RA Linked to Lower Gut Problems
People with rheumatoid arthritis are at risk for a number of complications, such as heart disease and lung disease. Now, it appears these arthritis patients have to watch out for gut problems too.
RA Patients: Don't Quit Your Statins
When you stop taking a medication, your body can react poorly to the change. This may be the case for arthritis patients who stop taking a type of cholesterol-lowering drug.
Protective Partners for Arthritis Drugs
Some drugs used to relieve the pain of arthritis can do damage to your digestive tract. This is why many arthritis patients take other medications to protect their digestive system.
Racial Gap in RA Drug Prescriptions
In recent decades, powerful drugs have been made to fight rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, some patients may not be getting the chance to use them.
RA Patients Get Good Care in Surgery
People with rheumatoid arthritis may face a higher risk of heart problems. This increased risk means that patients need to be screened for risks before surgery. Are current screening methods enough?
Muscle and Fat are Signs of RA Disability
To best treat rheumatoid arthritis, doctors need to know how the disease is taking a toll on patients' joints. But it's not always easy to tell how disabled a patient is. So, how can doctors measure disability?
Rise in RA Linked to Obesity
Obesity puts a strain on your body. As rates of obesity continue to grow among Americans, so do rates of obesity-related conditions like diabetes. Is obesity also to blame for the rise in rheumatoid arthritis?
RA Drugs Carry Similar Risk
Many experts recommend that rheumatoid arthritis patients get early drug treatment to slow down their disease and prevent disability. With so many drug options, it's important to know the safety of each drug.
Infection Risk Up in Seniors with RA
Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to more than painful joints; it can lead to other serious health problems. If doctors know which patients are at risk, they can take steps to prevent complications.