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Arthritis Anxiety
Arthritis affects an estimated 50 million people in the United States alone. Physical joint pain may not be the only negative effect, psychological disorders may accompany arthritis as well.
Tomosynthesis Useful for Spotting OA
Advances in technology have given us amazing ways to see inside a person's body. Using X-ray or MRI, doctors can diagnose patients without cutting into their bodies. Not all imaging techniques, though, are equal.
Dimming the Flame of Pain: Arthritis and All That
Your joints may feel tight. Your hips might hurt so bad that you can barely walk. Your back may feel so weak that you cannot even sit up straight. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you might have arthritis.
New Knees on the Rise
When medications and exercise no longer give arthritis patients the relief they need, surgery may be the next option. A total joint replacement can free patients from pain, giving them the mobility to live a normal life.
Replacing a Knee May Save Your Heart
Some arthritis patients need surgery to repair severely damaged knees. You might think such surgery would bring relief only to the affected knee joints. But knee replacement surgery may offer even more benefits.
Place Tied to Arthritis Pain
Millions of people across the United States suffer from some form of arthritis. To reduce these numbers, researchers first have to know what populations are most affected.
Walk Away the Pain With a Cane
As new technologies become available everyday, we often forget about the old technologies that still work. The walking cane may seem like an outdated tool, but it turns out it may help some arthritis patients.
More New Knees for Baby Boomers
When traditional treatments do not work, many osteoarthritis patients turn to joint replacement surgery. Even though this surgery is common, there is little information on how many younger patients go through with it.
New Knees Love Aquatic Therapy
Even though hip and knee replacement surgeries have become more common, it remains unclear how best to treat patients after surgery. Beginning aquatic therapy at the right time may be one way to improve quality of life.
Risks of a Life-Saving Surgery for Women
Women at risk of ovarian cancer are sometimes encouraged to get their ovaries removed. While ovary removal surgery can save a woman's life, it also may raise the risk of other health problems.