Health News

Flaxseed Doesn't Help Flashing
Hot off the presses: Flaxseed does not help hot flashes. There are many recognized holistic treatments to relieve hot flash symptoms but flaxseed apparently is not one of them.
Wrinkles Are Menopausal Fortune Telling
A new Yale University study finds that women who have seriously deep and plentiful wrinkles during the first few years of menopause probably have lower bone density as well.
Still Cinderella With HRT
Women with a form of genetic breast cancer risk are often urged to have their ovaries removed after childbearing to prevent cancer occurence. This unfortunately causes early menopause, and it was believed that taking hormone replacement therapy to alleviate symptoms was dangerous.
The Pause Predictor
For Generation X'ers and beyond, many career minded women are delaying starting their families to pursue personal work goals. This usually works out quite nicely, but some women may get so engrossed in work and wait too late to start a family.
No More Memory Like an Elephant
Where are my keys? Which row is my car on at the grocery store? Did I pay that bill? These are just  a few of the forgetful journeys one makes daily as age descends upon us.
Birth Control Pill and HRT Protects Brain Aneurysm
Women taking a pill a day, either a birth control pill or a drug used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may protect against developing brain aneurysms.
Women With Premature Menopause Want to be Mummy
Menopausal women who expereince premature ovarian failure (POF) should seek immediate help with their family plans.  POF can be a devastating condition, especially for women who have sidelined their family plans to pursue a career prior to having children.
Clean it Up Ladies, Lose the Dental Plaque
Dental hygeine becomes increasingly important as one ages. The current standard of two dental appointments a year may not be adequate for postmenopausal women's dental needs.  A recent study explains the health consequences of sub-par teeth cleaning in postmenopausal women.
Don't Give Up On Apples
In the Garden of Eden, the forbidden fruit gave Eve knowledge of good and evil. Now, it appears that eating apples is all good for menopausal and postmenopausal women.
Protecting Your Bones May Hurt Your Heart
Postmenopausal women often take calcium and vitamin D in order to keep their bones healthy. However, calcium and vitamin D can also be bad for a woman's heart, according to a new study.