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Does HRT Cause Breast Cancer or Not?
Women used to rely on hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)​ to calm the discomforts of menopause. Then a study linked HRT to breast cancer, and everything changed.
Hormone and Mood Meds Don't Butt Heads
Hormones are often to blame when women's moods are swinging. With medicines to balance hormones and stabilize mood, new research suggests it's okay to combine the two.
Menopause Isn't the End for the Brain
Though menopause marks the end of a woman's ability to have kids, it doesn't mean the end for other facets of the mind and body.
Surgical Menopause Treatment Options
The average age for natural menopause (a woman's last period) is 51. But some women experience menopause earlier, whether naturally or because of surgery.
Managing Menopause
Menopause occurs as the time of a women’s fertility comes to an end. Though this is a normal phase and process, the period of menopause can prove difficult and trying for many women.  
Cool, Calm and Collected with Menopause
Relax. It can help reduce your troubles, even with menopause.
More Than Hot Flashes
Hot flashes are a biggie among middle-aged women. But common effects of menopause can differ around the world. New research has identified a number of different symptoms among menopausal women with osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.
Like Mom, Like Menopause
Women are their mothers' daughters, even at the point in life when they can't have children anymore.
Hypnotize Away Hot Flashes
Women who don't want to take hormones have limited options in controlling hot flashes for menopause. But one option doesn't involve drugs at all.
Move Aside Milk, Alcohol May Help Bone Loss
While the apple can keep the doctor away, alcohol may help keep bones from going away. Researchers say if middle-aged women drink a glass or two of alcohol each day, their bones may be stronger.