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Stigma Around Smoking Deepens Depression
Living with a life threatening disease such as cancer isn't always a joyful experience. Depression can follow because of the sadness of the situation. The depression felt by some cancer patients is triggered not just by sadness.
Gene to Blame for Drug Resistance
Targeted drugs work by attacking and shutting down the molecular activities that keep cancers thriving and growing. These drugs have saved the lives of thousands of people with cancer. But they don't work in some people.
Can Personalized Cancer Become Affordable?
Personalized treatment is the new cancer frontier. The DNA of a tumor is analyzed, and a specific drug is used to target the mutant gene(s). It's a great concept, but exceedingly expensive to deliver. Or is it?
Saving Thousands of Butts
Cigarette tobacco slowly maims and kills. That message is getting through, unfiltered, loud and clear. The result is that thousands of lives have been saved.
Lung Cancer's Gefitinib Resistance Explained
A recent study examined cancer genetics to determine why resistance to Iressa ( gefitinib ), a drug commonly used in treating non small cell lung cancer.
Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer Treatment
Some types of cancer treatment are on a molecular level, relying on interactions between growth receptor proteins on the cancer cells and drugs that target these specific receptor proteins.
Breathing Diesel Fumes can Take Your Breath Away
Nothing very appealing about taking whiffs of truck exhaust. The exposure isn't just unappealing, though. It may be deadly.
Dealing With the Fear of What Comes Next
Fear and anxiety of what lies ahead can be overwhelming for folks who have just learned they have lung cancer. They may not know where to turn for comfort and support, and a nurse might be just who they're looking for.
Zapping Better Than Cutting
Chronic  obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) is commonly seen with lung cancer, because both diseases usually result from smoking. Patients who have COPD often have complications after lung cancer surgery.
Not all Cancer Therapies Help
Determining the best treatment plan for lung cancer is based on a number of factors. New research suggests one form of therapy that doesn't extend life may be overused with older patients.